måndag 18 juni 2012

June picklebarrel by Tiramisu, Tinci and Prelestnayap

Tiramisu designs part of June picklebarrel at Pickleberrypop chop

It´s a wonderful life elementspack by Tiramisu design

It´s a wonderful life paperpack by Tiramisu design

My page

Thank you Jiruska

I have also used 
Colorful world part 7 by Eudora design

Cluster and colors; Tropical aquarium by Tinci

Tinci´s part of june picklebarrel at Pikleberryshop

Funny sunny summer Elementspack by Tinci

my page

Thank you Dida

Prelestnayap´s part of june picklebarrel

Tropical breeze elements by Prelestnayap

My page

Thank you Foxysquirrel

and GSO at Gottapixel

Thank you so mutch Chai and TerryF

Cluster and colors; 

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